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  Jesse Ash ° Ann Goldstein: Christopher Wool  
  Chris Ashley ° Howard Singerman: The Myth of Criticism
in the 1980s
  Jean-Baptiste Bernadet ° Amar Lakal et Tristan Trémeau
: Le tournant pastoral de l'art contemporain

Amélie de Beauffort

° Aby Warburg's planches

l'Art même
  Claire Fontaine

° Adi Efal: “Pathos Formula”in Psychoanalytic
Benjaminian Contexts

Contemporary Magazine
Joe Fyfe ° Seth Price: Dispersion Journal of Visual Art Practice
  Olivier Gourvil ° Suzanne De Villiers Human:
Gender, ideology and Display
Galerie Pitch
Brent Hallard ° Generation .online Tristan Trémeau
Dan Hays ° Michel Foucault: Of Other Spaces (1967),
The Terra Foundation
Beth Harland

° Roger Caillois: Mimicryand Legendary

The Pollock - Krasner Foundation Inc.
Dennis Hollingsworth ° image and narrative.be James Pinson
  James Hyde ° University of Chicago keyword glossary James Wagner
Pippo Lionni ° Uvedale Price: On the picturesque Painters NYC
Daniel Mafe ° Infra thin: a curated project by Dan Devening,
College of Dupage
Five years blog
  Zoë Mendelson ° Joya, Spain, artists residency
° Cortijada Los Gazquez - creative retreat
eco guest house
Five years web site
  Louisa Minkin Paris Art
  Simon Morley   RISD TV
  Ria Pacquée    
  Guillaume Paris  
  Seth Price  
  Richard Prince    
  Danielle Riede    
  Tom Sachs    
  Nicolas Schöffer    
  Richard Schur    
  Danielle Wilde